Sorry to some of you if you received duplicate copies of this email! I'm using multiple emailing lists and some of the names cross over. I'll try to keep this short.
Agape is [almost] a week and a 1/2 away! I'd like to personally thank everyone who has committed to at least one of the practices so far -God bless you for making time to come out! If this is the first time any of you are hearing/reading about this, please contact me so I can bring you up to speed with what Agape is all about :) 
If you haven't been able to attend any of the practices, we have one more set up for next Monday @ 7:30 pm at Golgotha Romanian Baptist Church if you would like to attend :) The announcement is attached below. I really hope you can come out, but if for some reason you can't, I want you all to understand that you can still participate in the choir on April 30th
I want to make sure everyone is aware of this because I've had some people express that the practices conflicted with their work/school schedules (or that they didn't know about it) and that's completely understandable. These preliminary practices were more for us to get to know the songs better, but the mandatory practices will be Friday, April 28th @ 7:00 pm and Saturday, April 29th @ 10:00 am -both at Middlebelt Church. You must attend these practice sessions in order to sing in the choir -lunch and refreshments will be provided.
Below is the link to the google drive that has all the songs we will be singing. We ask that everyone listens to these songs (you can find many of them on Youtube) and get familiar with what we will be singing.